Can't relocate public folders to external drive - help?

by porthome - 3/27/13 1:05 PM

In Reply to: TRUE!!! by R. Proffitt Moderator

Thanks for trying.

The referenced thread may help, but I now suspect I may have a different problem. I have set up my external drive with shares on the files I want to access from other computers. When I look into the network from another computer, I see the shares just fine (and also the so-called 'public' folders) but when I try to access one, I get a message that I am not authorized to open - not even an offer to sign on and give a password (which I haven't set up anyway). I had no problem with opening shares, public folders, and mapped drives on the same external drives on my old XP system, but on W7 I can't seem to do it. I must be missing something about how these redirected folders work, and it sure would be nice to work with the 'real' files like I used to.