msimgg32.dll file not found

by dimitri320 - 5/3/12 1:33 AM

I am running a 64-bit Windows 7 machine, and whenever I start it, I get a pop-up message saying the following: "msimgg32.dll file not found". Now this doesn't cause any problems, I have been using my machine for over 5 months with this error already, but really want to fix it.

Also I am not making a spelling mistake, the file name is "msimgg32.dll" not "msimg32.dll", as the later file is fine and is present in the system folder.

I've tried to look for answers online, but so far only found that most likely it is a spelling mistake within the system itself, where reference should be made to "msimg32.dll" file rather, but nowhere was it explained how to change this reference.

Can anyone help??

Many thanks!!