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by origamiphobia - 11/12/11 8:14 PM

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Hi Padyboy,

I've copied and pasted the contents of the email I received from vgrabber. At first, I've tried using some kinda removal tool I downloaded, i forgot the name. Although this removal tool did remove the software, but had messed up my computer. After fixing it with system restore, I still could see an empty folder of Vgrabber on my laptop. Then, finally, i received this email from Vgrabber. I downloaded the software from that link, in less than 10 seconds, everything had to do with vgrabber is gone forever. So, try it if you can get online.

Hi, Thank you for contacting vGrabber support.There is a specific version of the software that was reported to have a technical problem in un-installation, causing the software not to be removed from the "Add/Remove programs list". A removal tool was released to resolve this problem, please follow those steps to use it:
1) visited the site and download vgrabber
2) execute vGrabber_removal_tool.exe by double clicking on it
3) the software should now be fully removed from your computer

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