Problem Was Constant Guard from Comcast, Now Fixed

by vinnys8446 - 5/10/11 7:01 AM

In Reply to: Keyboard game play with Windows 7 64bit. by vinnys8446

BillyB29 Resolved the problem. Here is his response: I read an article elsewhere (tomshardware) and one of the members said that it was the new protection suite he had downloaded from his ISP. Apparently there was a keylogger embedded in the suite (why a protection suite would include an invisible keylogger is beyond me...) With this information, I uninstalled my new security suite that I too downloaded from my ISP. Please note we both had 2 DIFFERENT security suites. He had some funny named one which I can't remember the name of and I had Constant Guard from Comcast. I was originally only using the Norton Suite comcast provided, but figured since this is a new computer, I'd give it a try. Well I just uninstalled it and tried one of my games - and so far... so good. Looks like that may have been the issue. If you installed any NEW anti-virus or security protection suites, I would try uninstalling them and then give it a try. Worked for me.
So as you can see it was Constant Guard from Comcast.