Using solution outside Windows 7

Ofcourse there are many answers to the same question and mine is just one of them. But for a recovery disk witch has all the things on it I want, I use Acronis True Image. Ofcourse this is not free solution, but in my opinion it's worth the money.

First of all it's realy fast. An image of my Windows 7 partition - with all the programms installed I frequently use - takes about ten minutes. You can split images in predefined sizes, including DVD 5 (4,7 GB). Acronis has the option to create a Secure Zone on one of your partitions in witch you can store the images, but you can also store them elsewhere.

One of the most nifty futures I find the boot recovery option. Before Windows starts you get the option to press F11 and start Acronis True Image outside of Windows, so in case of disaster you can always restore your system, even if Windows won't start.

Like I said: it's just one of many options and this will cost you some money. But the benefits are great! Especialy if you have to install many new drivers for your hardware or install a lot of software. It saved my behind more then once.

Finally it's good to mention that Acronis is not the only image software out there. Norton became famous with it's Ghost and there are ofcourse many others.