making a clean recovery disk

There are probably several ways to do this but this one works and costs nothing. I know this is for Win 7 but instructions are included for XP and Vista.
First download the free Paragon backup utility here:
Once you have cleaned the garbage from your system either bit by bit or using something like PC Decrapifier use Paragon to create a complete backup of your system to an external disk, a partition, another internal disk or (I believe) a network drive.

I recommend getting the free partition manager as well while you're there in case it's a new drive you're recovering to or you want to mess with the partitions.

Then download the appropriate Paragon Win PE maker.

If you are booted into Vista/XP use this version:

If you are booted into Win 7, use this version:

Instructions are the same for both versions:

1. Copy the contents of the 32 BIT Vista/7 install DVD , OR 32 BIT Win7 repair disc onto your boot partition (the one you are currently booted into, usually C ). I actually left mine on a network drive and sourced the files from there instead.

2. Right click and run as admin on the ParPeMakerVistaXP.cmd, or Parpecreatror7.cmd if you are using the Win 7 version

3. You will be asked to browse to boot.wim inside the "sources " folder of the windows install/repair disc files you have just copied onto your system.

4. Then you will be asked to browse to the launcher.exe of the Paragon product you wish to include. The Paragon product you wish to include must be installed on your system already of course.

You can include Paragon Partition Manager 2010 Free, or Partition Manager 10 Personal as well. Y

The windows 7 version ( parpecreator7 - which you can only run from within Windows 7 ) also offers to add 32 BIT drivers to the WinPE 3.0 media.

IF you don't have an install or repair disc to hand, The 32 BIT Win 7 ( WinPe 3.0 ) Repair disc is available for download from here:

You can burn the recovery program to a CD or DVD of course but you can also use a flash drive.

I hope this helps.