Save credentials

by Bill Osler - 2/9/10 11:46 AM

As I noted elsewhere I've had problems logging into shared resources hosted on a WHS server on my home LAN. I'm running Win 7 Pro. The problem seems to be primarily with the Win 7 PC. Even though I check the box to remember my credentials when I log on the to network resources they are not saved for very long. Once I successfully access the WHS share things work OK until I reboot the Win 7 PC.

As best I can tell, I don't have trouble accessing the PCs on the network that have the exact same user name/password as I use on my Win 7 PC, but when I access the WHS PC, which has the same user name but a MUCH stronger password (in case I ever get the remote access to work with my ISPs configuration) the credentials get reset every time I reboot my Windows 7 PC. I suspect that is because of the difference in the password, but it could be due to a difference between XP Pro and WHS. After I reboot the Win 7 PC, I find myself locked out of WHS. I can unlock the account on WHS and connect properly from the Win 7 PC after I enter the credentials again. Then, when I check Windows Credentials Manager I see that there is any entry for the server but the credentials are marked as having 'session' persistence. I have not found a way to change the persistence of the credentials either when I first enter them or by editing them in Credentials Manager.

I gather from the reading I have been doing that other users also have this problem. Win 7 does not necessarily save LAN credentials even when the box is checked during the login process. Some users have reported that there are also problems with passwords over 8 characters long - Credentials Manager allegedly truncates them in some cases - but I can't test that until I actually get Windows to remember my password and I won't bother unless problems develop.

This seems like such an obvious, serious problem that I suspect the solution is in some obscure registry/policy setting rather than in the OS itself - but does anybody know how to fix it?