Aug 14, 2009 Windows7 Update - new Internet Issues

by USA_IT_Consultant - 8/15/09 9:57 AM

Computer HP Intel I7, 6Gb DDR3, SATAII, ATI HD series graphics.
Comcast Cable Modem.
Windows 7 64 bit server. Just absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

Until updating Aug 14, 2009.
All Microsoft Explorer (8) internet sites are dog slow.
Enter into a blank IE explorer bar and try to type or any other site - the text stops about 8 characters in, wait for 8 to 10 seconds for the screen to catch up with your typing.
Click on any site - about 12 to 20 seconds for the site to finish downloading so you can click on your next choice.

MS Office 2007 and other programs (outside of IE 8) are normal.

I am a member of DSL Reports (Broadband) and all speed test indicate that Comact latency and speed are normal as before.

This is so irritating that I am on my old XP computer to type this message. Windows 7 using Internet Explorer 8 is just absolutely unuseable and offers no assistance on how to fix the problems.

I have updated the latest Java 32 and Java 64 bit downloads.