Panasonic TC-P50UT50 picture settings

by tpendlebury CNET staff - 5/2/12 3:04 PM


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Calibration report using these settings:

Below you'll find the settings I found best for viewing the Panasonic TC-P50UT50 in a dim room via the HDMI input with a 1080p/24 source. Your settings may vary depending on source, room conditions, and personal preference. Check out the Picture settings and calibration FAQ for more information.

Calibration notes: As with last year's ST30 we performed a full calibration in Custom mode to discover that the colors were too inaccurate to continue. As a result we reverted to default Cinema mode with only small adjustments to Contrast and Brightness. While we found this mode sacrifices fidelity on high whites for light levels with lots of crushing though we weren't able to detect any detrimental effect on program material. The output level didn't quite meet 40foot-Lamberts and we expect the larger models to be even dimmer.

--Picture menu
Picture mode: Cinema
Contrast: +100
Brightness: +50
Color: +50
Sharpness: 0
Color temp: Warm 2
Color mgmt: Off [grayed out]
C.A.T.S.: Off
Video NR: Off

-- Aspect adjustments submenu
Screen format: Full
HD size: Size 2
H size: [grayed out]
Zoom adjustments: [grayed out]

-- HDMI settings: [no change from default]

--Advanced picture submenu
3D Y/C filter: Off [grayed out]
Color matrix: HD [grayed out]
Block NR: Off [grayed out]
Mosquito NR: Off
Motion smoother: Off
Black level: Light
3:2 pulldown: On
24p Direct in: 60Hz

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