Images in Windows Live Mail

by willum0806 - 3/30/12 9:44 AM

When I receive emails from some sources, any images in the body of the email are not being correctly received - just a box with a red 'X' at the top left of where the image(s) should be.
This mostly happens with one sender, but not in every one of his emails - sometimes they are OK. I believe that in these cases, the emails are forwarded by him and not originated by him. Having contacted him, he assures me that the images were definitely contained in the transmitted emails and he can see the images in the affected emails in his 'Sent Box'. Most emails from other sources, which contain images in the body of the message, are OK.
We have made enquiries to other recipients of the same emails and some others report the same fault and some receive the emails complete with embedded images.

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and have checked my security settings in WLM 'Safety Options' Security tab, which is set to allow images from people in my Safe Senders list. The 'Block Images' option under the Security Tab, is not selected.
My Anti Virus program is AVG - I tried suspending its operation temporarily but that did not help.....

I would appreciate any suggestions as to how I (We) can fix this annoying problem.