Windows Live Mail Error 0x80048820 Still No Solution

by morlaine - 11/8/11 5:51 AM

In Reply to: Server Error: 0x80048820 by alberto393

I do know how to access my mail using the MSN site. However, there are many things about using it that are not feasible for me. First, I have an extremely slow and unstable internet connection and it's the only game in town. So I can't change or improve it. Therefore, I need something that allows me access to my emails offline. Years ago, I started using MS Outlook and was very happy with it, never any problems. Then someone for some stupid reason decided that all the MS Outlook users had to be forced to use Outlook Connector. Whoever, wrote that program should lose their job. It is without a doubt the worst performance of any program I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. From day one, there was nothing but problems with it. So after many months of trying to get those problems solved with no acceptable results, someone on the internet suggested that I try Live Mail. Out of desperation I did. And at first I thought it was wonderful. With one minor exception which I can work around, it was as comparable to MS Outlook. Then a couple of months after installing it, I started getting the 0x80048820 errors. At first, it was just occasionally, then it was every day, and now it is sometimes all day and at times more than one day at a time. So the situation seems to be deteriorating. So if anyone knows any other email program that works similar to MS Outlook, please let me know, because Windows Live Mail is quickly becoming useless. And in looking at all the comments on the internet, I am only one of hundreds or thousands who are having this same problem.