Why do I have to enter a subject?

by rowan.bradley - 6/22/11 2:49 AM

In Reply to: I think by R. Proffitt Moderator

I can copy my files to an SD card, but I can't see any way to back up my calendar or contacts. Where would this be in the menu structure? Under Programs, or Settings (and if Settings, under Personal, System or Connections)? Or would it be part of ActiveSync?

I've looked in all these places and can't see anything that looks as if it would back up my calendar and contacts.

As an alternative, can I use ActiveSync to do this? I guess, to be safe, I would have to install Outlook on a separate PC that hasn't had it before, and set up a new sync partnership with this PC. But then how could I be sure that allowing it to sync would not overwrite all my data in the mobile with the blank data in Outlook? This is the sort of thing that seems to have happened before, and is why I'm so hesitant to run ActiveSync until I've got a backup.

Or is there some web service that will synchronise to my mobile contacts and calendar without using ActiveSync?

Thanks - Rowan