Latest Norton antivirus LiveUpdate: No Sound!

by BJK114 - 1/17/10 6:26 PM

I have an older Dell: Dimension L866r which has served me beautifully.
Running Windows Me 2000, Norton Antivirus came preloaded.
Registered for 'LiveUpdates', have been receiving and downloading them ~ every 30-60 days, w/o any problem.
Received the last update alert this past week (1/11): total loss of all sound resulted following download. Tried: 'start'>'programs'>'accessories'>'entertainment'>'volume control': sound controller does NOT appear!
Tried: 'settings'>'control panel'>'system'>'device manager'>'sound,vid,game controller'>'Creative SoundBlaster AudioPCI 64V {WMD}': deleted, then succesfully reloaded with utility driver CD: still nothing.
This is bizarre. Never had a virus problem, system always ran smoothly, until this last Norton download.
I know this system is old, but this should not have happened.
Any advice as to what to try next would be greatly appreciated!