Why there is no 'Search' field on Smart Hub?

Unfortunately, there is no any support in my country for my product type (Samsung UE37D5520RWXXH). This Samsung TV model exists only in Czech, but it is purchased in Croatia. Why should I learn Czech or ask them if I bought Samsung TV completely legally in Croatia? Smart Hub is Samsung's application provided by Samsung Company - not produced in some Czech TV store, neither only for Czech (either not only for some specific Samsung TV brand). Nevertheless, TV is hardware, Smart Hub is software. I'm trying to find solution for generic software - for missing part of software!
If you refuse me as Samsung user, I'm very, very sorry - I will need to consider this at next purchase of Samsung TV. Please, what I need to do with Smart Hub (to reach Search option) - upgrade it, re-install it, or generally forget Samsung as any option for future.