Calendar Apps Sync Problems (Galaxy S) -- Fix Needed!

Thanks. Here's another way of explaining this. On the Samsung phone I am using (received late February 2013), SGH-i747, Android Ver 4.1.1, w/ Calendar Apps ver 4.1.1 - i747UCDLK3 pre-loaded on the operating system by Samsung.... after entering all the relevent google password info, confirming its on auto-sync, confirming wifi and mobile data on, and everything else -- at best, only 30 days of backwards-looking data will load on the phone (which is pulled/synced from the users main online google account). The problem remains whether on wifi or mobile connection, so likely not a router issue. On the other hand, the gmail function works just fine -- everything loads/syncs to the phone.

The Calendar function on my prior phone (SGH-i577) worked just fine -- all the calendar events from my main online google account loaded/synced onto the phone (no problems w/ limits on backwards-looking or forward-looking calendar events data getting loaded/synced onto the phone).

So, is the Calendar Apps that comes pre-loaded on the operating system of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (i747) strictly produced by Google, or is it developed, tweaked, etc by Samsung? If its a combination -- then both should have an obligation to get it fixed!