Calendar Apps Sync Problems (Galaxy S) -- Fix Needed!

by WDC200236 - 3/24/13 4:57 AM

In Reply to: 30 days. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Thanks, but the sync problems w/ Google's Calendar Apps (won't sync/fully load data from user's online (PC) google calendar) are there right from the start -- at set-up of new devices. It does appear to be a defect in the Calendar Apps software, which comes loaded on the operating system of new phones (starting late in 2012). Whether the defect is intentional or otherwise...Google & Samsung need to issue a fix and explanation.

Further, Google & Samsung should either FULLY DISCLOSE that the phone comes with a nonfunctional Calendar Apps pre-loaded as part of its operating system, which won't fully sync/load calendar events from user's main online (PC) calendar, or get to work on issuing a fix and explanation. Had this information been disclosed to me at the time of purchase -- I certainly would not have purchased the Galaxy S phone.