Calendar Apps Sync Problems (Galaxy S) -- Fix Needed!

by WDC200236 - 3/24/13 5:13 AM

In Reply to: 30 days. by R. Proffitt Moderator

One more thing - even after running through all the "troubleshooting" steps on Google's site, to re-set/re-sync the calendar on the mobile device w/ the online (PC) calendar - it sill does NOT work. For devices set-up in late 2012, Google's "troubleshooting" steps will NOT get the calendar (mobile) sync'd w/ the online calendar. Google's Calendar Apps that is pre-loaded as part of the operating system on phones (late 2012 and beyond) will NOT pick up backwards-looking calendar events (only 30 days at best) and there is no disclosure on the phone device or Google's website that gives the user a clear understanding of exactly what limitations are now being imposed (e.g. overall time limitations). Had these defects/limitations been fully disclosed, I would have selected a different device.

Sorry -- meant to include this in my comments before hitting reply on my last message.