Calendar Apps Sync Problems (Galaxy S) -- Fix Needed!

by WDC200236 - 3/23/13 6:23 AM

In Reply to: Hold your breath? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Thanks. But Google's "support page" and "troubleshooting" page for Google's Calendar Apps are useless. Google's "troubleshooting" steps for Calendar Sync functions do not work for Android operating systems (and likely others) for mobile devices set-up in late 2012 and beyond. For example, the 1st step is a non-starter -- the "Auto-sync" function under Accounts is no longer even part of Google's Calendar Apps. Likewise, NONE of the instructions below that are relevant either. Yet Google has made NO EFFORT to up-date, explain and/or fix its "troubleshooter" page for its current version of Calendar Sync -- NOR Google's Calendar Apps page, NOR the Apps itself. Yet a quick review of 1 star comments quickly reveals this is a huge problem that needs Google's immediate attention. Similarly, Google's "help center" link leads no-where.