Calendar Apps Sync Problems (Galaxy S) -- Fix Needed!

Thanks. There appear to be issues with both, and it appears to be for newer phones -- those set-up around the end of 2012 and going forward. For new device set-up (end of 2012 and forward) -- the Samsung Calendar will no longer sync w/ the users' online (PC) google calendar. And the Google Calendar Apps will no longer fully sync/load calendar data from the online (PC) google calendar. In my case -- less than 30 days of backwards data will load, and based on user and google support reports it appears that at best it will now only hold 1 year of data (but even this is in question).

SAMSUNG AND GOOGLE need to get together and come up with a fix and explanation to the calendar sync problems. A fully functional calendar w/ working sync on a mobile device is about as basic as having functional talk and text features.

In my case, specs are: Galaxy S3, i747, Android v 4.1.1. But a quick review of user forums indicates that is a widespread problem effecting mobile devices set-up at end of 2012 and going forward.