I don't get it...what is it that the TV doesn't like?

Thanks for your comment.

How come the output resolution of the DVD player cannot be accepted by the TV if it is one of the standard resolutions? Sorry, but I'm just trying to understand what is going on here. Google has been my friend, but I've got nowhere.

Unfortunately I live in the mountains and don't drive so cannot just pop to the shops to look for a region free DVD player and I don't know anyone who has one. In fact my DVD player came from England on my last trip back.
If a player is region free so will play region 2 discs, how does it work if they're PAL? Does it not output a PAL signal? What about 50 Hz / 60 Hz - does this have a bearing?

Do TVs still have a PAL/NTSC distinction? Can I buy a "region free" TV?

I tried the Samsung online support and their phone line - should be renamed no support as they're not interested.

Is there a way to convert the signal from the DVD player for the TV?