hay Sammy guy

by krashink - 2/27/13 11:09 AM

In Reply to: The History Of Samsung - A Video by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

hey all not sure if this will help.
I was having all the same issues with my sammy. Samsung USA and Samsung Canada could not figure this out for me.
After 3 weeks of fighting with this unit I was about to bring it back and throw it at someone.
But just before I did, I tried a password change.

It seems the samsung unit has a password complexity issue

I changed my password form something like this blackdeath7&8!
it did not like this password style (too complex)

so I changed it to a simpler one blackdeath78

it seems to work well with alpha-numeric style with no symbols and charectars.

after the password change sammy tv now remembers login after reboot, social tv works correctly now, no more blank frame work for the apps.

I wish I would have thought of this sooner, being a pc tech and all.

Needless to say, I am bit more happier now, and now I dont have to fight with someone to return it.

****SAMSUNG, if you come across this post.......IMPROVE YOUR DOCUMENTATION FOR THE END USER