Fixed my Netflix buffering issue on my Smart TV.

by LawtonPS - 11/17/12 11:51 AM

In Reply to: Netflix Issue by Dgkid78

After lots of internet searching and experiments I have finally found a solution to my buffering problems when streaming from Netflix, and I thought I would share it with everyone. Maybe someone can explain why this works.

I have a two Samsung TVs and two Samsung Blu-rays:
Our living room has a Samsung Smart TV (UN55D6003SFXZA) and a Samsung Blu-ray (wireless lan adapter connected to Smart TV). In our bedroom there is an older Samsung TV and a Samsung Blue-ray (wireless lan adapter connected to Blu-ray). Our internet service is Comcast.

We have had problems streaming movies and TV shows from Netflix on our living room smart TV for some time now. It was often slow, and there seemed to be endless buffering. I also had similar problems streaming movies from VUDU. In fact, after the second time I had problems streaming from VUDU I demanded a refund...

Last weekend after having the usual problem with Netflix in our living room, my wife and daughter decided to go and watch the from our bedroom. This seemed odd to me, and after talking to them about it, it turnes out the Blue-ray in the bedroom had been working fine. This seemed to eliminate any network issues outside our home.

Next, I moved the lan adapter from the smart TV in our living room to the Blue-ray that is located in the cabinet just below. When we watched Netflix using the blue-ray it worked perfect, just like in the system in the bedroom.
I moved the lan back to the Smart TV and we had the same problem....????

Because our Blue-ray is buried in the cabinet with our DVR I use an old USB extension cable to make it easier to connect the Samsung wireless lan. So just for giggles I tries one of these USD extension cables to connect the wireless lan to the smart TV, and bada bing, it worked perfect. I tried the lan plugged directly into the TV again, and had the same slow connection.

After a week it's still working great. The only thing I can say is that somehow this USB extension seems to have solved the problem.

Sorry for being so detailed, I've been troubleshooting industrial equipment all my life, and have witnessed electrical noise immunity tests on a few occasions, so I would be interested if anyone could come up with a good explanation for what I'm seeing.
My family thinks I'm a genius....