BD C5500 problem with internet@tv

by csdada - 11/3/12 8:46 AM

In Reply to: RE: BD C5500 Firmware by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff


I have samsung BD C5500 player which was working perfectly till oct 31 2012 , till your servers in NJ hit by hurricane . The Customer care representatives then told me that there was a problem with the servers.
But later the problem with your servers fixed but the internet@tv is still looping at downloading.

Latest software installed on my device : BSP-C5500WWB-1025.1

I tried all reset , restore to factory default options but still not able to connect to internet TV.

If it is a software downloading issue then Samsung should provide an alternative device till the device is verified and it should not charge any thing for it, since it is not the consumer fault.

None of the customer service representatives can identify the problem and it is very painful to call them repeatedly.

My tracking number : 2115703027

Let me know if you can help ? Samsung service and productsreally disappoints.