Samsung LED DLP HLT6187 SX/XAA White Dots

by tommyc53 - 6/2/12 5:51 PM

In Reply to: Samsung LED DLP HLT6187SX/XAA White Dots by shawnhuish

shawnuish...I got a free one time replacement of the DMD chip and my TV ...Samsung 50 inch ..model HLT5075SX/XAA...version PD01. The TV is back to normal and I'm hoping I get another year or two out of it. I bought it back in 2008. When I called Samsung, it was really a case of no questions asked. I told them the problem and spoke to a representative "Marvin" who hooked me with up with a local repair shop, who came within a week or so and had me back up and running at NO COST. Samsung did the right thing in this case. I will absoultely not buy another TV that needs to have lamps replaced, as I had replaced the lamp twice during the time I had it, and will do more research the nex time I purchase a set. I hope you get the free replacement. The set had been up to 13 dots by the time I got the fix.....GOOD LUCK!