WHY??? pn64d8000.broke on it's own!!

by yodaleia - 5/30/12 11:08 AM

In Reply to: WHY!!!WHY!!!!WHY!!!.BLAME THE CONSUMER????? by yodaleia

The so called tech whom called us could not speak english. The panel review team said my item is considered as being "Physical damage".. We were no where near the unit..Id blew all o it's own. My unit is the Top of the line plasma PN64d8000..Paid a lot fort..Still under warranty .. The crack on the interior is a star shaped ..There was no foreign objects even near the unit..Just so shocked while watching it what it did..The Executive customer support is non professional in the manner...This is not over bye any means.. I can't believe that they would say "physical damage to over 700 cases in the matter.People want to drop $3000 to just break it months later..how stupid does this company think people are ??We just want to damage our items??..I have over 8 samsung products and i can't believe this..Anyone out there with some advise please let me know!!