"unsupported file type" on samsung t749 highlight

by guilhermechas182 - 5/27/12 5:19 PM

ive got a Samsung T749 highlight (T-mobile) but i couldnt install any jar or jad file on the phone.
ive just downloaded a jar extension file, and moved it to the phone memory card folder "other files", then when i tried to install the game, ive got a ""unsupported file type" error message.
i tried another way but it failed too, this time i tried to move the game into the jadmaker, therefore it created another file in jad extension, then both jar and jad files together into the "other files" folder, tried to install again, but got the same error as below.
so what i have to do ? this phone cant install any jar neither jad file. whats happening ?
thanks at all!