Samsung UED8005 and problem with external harddrive

by Figarojr - 5/12/12 3:23 PM

I have recently bought a new Samsung 3D TV with the model number UE46D8005

From start have I had problem with the TV regarding to be able to record from the TV to an external hard drive. Over the 4 months I had the TV have I lost all my recording 4 time. The flow is that you connect the hard drive to the TV, format , test and everything is ready. Then you record and the it looks fine for some time, and the TV informs me that it can't find the hard drive and at the same time asks me if I want to format the same drive. This had happen to me 4 time, so in principle once a month and I lose all my recordings every time.

I have been in contact with the support here in Sweden several time and they had come with some wild guesses , but no real analyses and conclusions have been made. One I even had a repairman out to change the motherboard of the TV, but the problems always returns. The repairman even checked my hard drive and concluded there where nothing wrong with it. So my conclusion is that I am not able to record to and external hard drive as samsung state in thier marketing. I also after this happened checked out the internet and saw to my surprise that this is a common problem and that Samsung have not done anything to solve the problem.