by drmax1111 - 5/4/12 6:17 PM

I've researched this and other LED TV's thoroughly prior to purchase, being last weekend. I do have bleedthrough, flashlighting in lower corners, and clouding. Do I exchange this TV with another set (HHGREGG) or is this just what the deal is? I don't want to play the panel lottery and exchange tv after tv. If there is something to look for on this models tv panel, as far as date, serial number, or someway of identifying crappy panels, please advise. If this is just what the deal is, as far as edge lit led tv's, then advise on that as well. I'll deal with it, if the latter is the case...however, if there is a definite way of detecting the crummy panels, then I'll exchange this $1K tv to find the best one. Thank you, DM