Samsung smart tv colors jumping and shaking

by brianferro - 5/1/12 5:04 AM

I have a problem with colors that jump or shake up and down on a samsung un46d7000lfxza. red and blue colors. greens are very very slight like a light ghosting(can hardly notice it) only on digital, hd is fine. I have verizon fios. I am a fios tech and I install and troubleshoot fios and have not seen this on other samsung smart or led tv's in the field. I used multiple hdmi and component cables and check all signals which are next to perfect. Reset the tv back to factory. I even move a cable box from another location to the tv and then moved the tv to another coax outlet, still have same problem. all my other tv's are fine, you don't even see this a little bit on the other tvs so i think we can rule out the cable. I think there is a problem with my main board or lcd panel. seems like processing issue. I can take a video to show.