Samsung TV's are just poorly made

by Tim1Reid - 4/10/12 6:52 AM

In Reply to: Internal Crack on my TV panel by misuarez

Last year I posted here with the same issue as everyone else. I did my homework, followed suggestions in this thread and eventually, used information in this thread to get a replacement TV from the retailer. Some months later,(five or six) the TV stopped working again. Only this time the power board was blown. The TV was still under warranty so I put in a repair ticket and a local shop came out and replaced the power board. Problems with video remained and so the video card was replaced. Finally the screen.

Those of you who know what's in one of these TV's know that I now had a second "new" TV. Now, a year after all of that the screen is beginning to exhibit signs of failure again.

I love plasma TV's. They have the best picture quality and the good ones are very good. I am now convinced the problem is that Samsung is just a very low quality plasma producer. I will buy another plasma television, just not a Samsung. The way Samsung has handled this issue causes me to avoid ALL Samsung products simply because of customer service issues.