I begin my journey with an Internal Crack in my 51" Samsung

by dmc008 - 3/29/12 7:43 AM

In Reply to: Internal Crack on my TV panel by misuarez

Had the 51" TV for 10 months (model PN51D490A1DXZA) and the other day was watching some TV with the family and one second it is the perfect plasma I had come to love and the next second the bottom 3rd of my screen goes multicolored bars and stripes. Turn off the TV and notice a star looking spider crack in the screen near where the cable inputs would be in the back of the unit. Upon moving my hand over it, the crack is not on the outside glass. I sent pictures in today Ticket # 5103152097 and showed both the crack close up and up far and also showed the fact that the TV still gives off its perfect crappy mirror like reflection proving that the crack is inside of the main glass piece as if the crack was on the outside, you would see the crack in the reflection the TV gives off if it was on the outside. Let's see how long this will take. If I go to small claims, I wonder how much restitution I can get for not getting to watch the masters on my favorite TV.