Crack on my TV Panel

by mason3190 - 2/28/12 6:52 AM

In Reply to: Internal Crack on my TV panel by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

I have a 58 inch Samsung TV, all of the sudden while we're watching TV a loud noise came from the TV and then a black screen. After 6 or 7 times powering the TV on and off and resetting the cable box, come to find out there was a crack on the screen. How does something like this happen, our TV is wall mounted. We just had the Geek Squad guy from best buy just out to inspect the TV and now is telling us I have to buy a new one. We have a extended warranty on the Samsung TV. I just want to know why this is not coverd the screen is brand new there was no external damage, not a a scratch. This TV has been on the wall since the day we bought it please help.

Model : PN58C550G1FXZA
Serial # Z1N63CRZB02109N
PSP# 36285001124

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