Samsung shut me down...I'd appreciate any advice

by princesslmw - 2/2/12 8:59 AM

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Hi, my husband bought a Samsung 59" Plasma 3d in early November. A week and a half later, the kids were watching it and the screen stopped working. I checked the screen...cracked! We have four kids so we thought maybe we just weren't careful enough. My husband bought a new TV, same model, a few days later. We have been uber-careful. I even put pet fencing around the entire TV stand with the blocks of styrofoam from the TV box propping the fencing away from the stand and bracing the surround speakers so they can't move. Now, 2 months later, the crack is back. This time, we know for sure that we didn't do anything to the TV. I was in the room, not looking at the TV, but I know that no one touched it. Same cracks. I went online to see if anyone else was having this problem and found this forum.

I have called both Samsung and Best Buy (of course, Best Buy...argh!). Samsung asked for photos and receipts. In the email I sent with scans and photos attached, I even mentioned and linked to this forum. I received a call back today to say so sorry, "physical damage". While I was expecting this, it was still quite frustrating. However, the most frustrating part is that I couldn't even get a name, number or email address of anyone to appeal to! She couldn't seem to understand what I wanted. I have 2 dead TVs with the same problem. Really? What are the chances? Really.

Best Buy said they would love to help, but we didn't buy the service plan. Oddly enough, before my husband bought the second TV, we were going to replace our kitchen appliances. With Samsungs. From Best Buy! HAH! That won't be happening. Of course, depending on how this shakes out, it may be a few years before we replace the appliances at all.

I understand you not wanting to post the steps you took to get your case resolved, but if you would be willing to help me, let me know on the forum and I will post an email address you can contact me at (I have an extra that I use for things like this. Yes, I know better than to post my regular email address on forums) happy.

I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks.