Samsung Not Covered Chip on Back Order. I Wonder Why??

by shawnhuish - 1/15/12 4:48 PM

In Reply to: Samsung LED DLP HLT6187SX/XAA White Dots by shawnhuish

I've called Samsung multiple times and every time is the
same story; "Your television model and/or serial number is not covered under
our recall". I have tried every
approach and they will not budge. So I
decided to pay the 5 bills for the repair.
The Texas Instruments DLP chip has to be replaced. This will fix the
"every day increasing" white dots on the screen. The funny thing is that the chip in on BACK ORDER. I wonder why??

It is so pathetic that Samsung will not admit their
product was defective. I think I will
sell my TV on Craigslist after I repair it and buy a Sony. At least I would not think about Samsung's
horrible customer service every time I look at the TV.