Same old same old

by sir_stang - 12/15/11 2:11 PM

In Reply to: Cracked when turning tv on by sir_stang

Good news! Samsung called me back! Unfortunately they gave me the same old crap that everyone else is saying. Claimed they have done "extensive" testing and found that the kinds of cracks I have are due to an external heat source. BS My TV is mounted to a wall with no heat sources anywhere near the TV and the cracks are within 5" of the top of the TV and about 1 foot down from the ceiling. I supplied pictures of the room so they can see, but I guess that doesn't matter. There is no fireplace or even lights anywhere near this thing. Talked to some call screener first (Stanley), then transferred to a supervisor (Zab) who repeated (to the word, as if it's coming from a manual called "How to treat ur customers like dumb *****") the same BS. Now have been transferred up the chain to the next group. This is their top of the line TV that retailed for $5K!! How can they fight customers who have an obviously defective TV and claim that it is our fault? Why would anyone want to go thru what everyone else is saying is a nightmare process if it's their fault. If I busted it, I would just bite the bullet and buy a new one. My home owners would even pay for most of it! It's about principle! New trans #: 4113214665