Cracked when turning tv on

by sir_stang - 12/13/11 4:41 PM

In Reply to: Internal Crack on my TV panel by misuarez

Like many of the other posters, there is no reason that this TV cracked. My 2009 PN58B860 has been hanging on my bedroom wall for nearly two years. It worked fine until one night I went to power it on and suddenly there was a pop and then lots of noise. I figured I would just cycle the power and when it powered up again my wife noticed a small flash and she walked over to the screen and pointed to where she saw it, and sure enough there where two star shaped cracks. I've just started my communications with Samsung and have already had bad luck. Was told I would get a call back within 48 hours, but it's been over a week now, so I called again. Was told that since I called back I would be a priority to be called back. We will see. This is obviously a quality issue! How can a TV just crack as it's hanging on the same wall where it has been for 23 months? Trans # 2110334875