another cracked screen

by sadtv - 11/29/11 8:27 PM

In Reply to: 50 in. plasma screen cracked by madowner11

Unfortunately you need to read every post on here and follow what everyone else did. Filing with BBB, Fed Trad Commission in your state and NJ and everything else. I was lucky enough to have purchased my TV through a different retailer then Best Buy because Best Buy hasn't been helpful to anyone. I purchased my TV through Fred Meyers and wrote a letter to their corporate head quarters and included posts from CNET and other sites as well as pictures of my TV. They investigated it and replaced my TV. I do suggest that you write down EVERY dealing you have with everyone in regards to your TV. Get names, times and dates and what they said. JUST DON'T GIVE UP! Even try and find corporate head quarters for Best Buy. I would say at least 90% of the people with these issues have purchased their TV's through them and they have to know what's going on with this product - I would even file all the complaints against them and Samsung. Hope this helps