Still not getting any resolution.....

by porterev - 11/28/11 3:32 PM

In Reply to: Same problems, somewhat fixed now by SameProblemFixed

I have tried all the supposed resolutions to the problem to no avail. I wish I could just reset the unit to its original factory settings, firmware included and then I wouldn't have to spend my time trying to get it fixed. I have found a myriad of areas on the internet where this issue is coming up, especially on the C5500 Blu-ray units. It does not appear to be an isolated unit. You'd think that Samsung would take preemptive action and fix the issue instead of waiting for someone to bring up the issue of "class action lawsuit". I would be willing to bet that for every one of us posting here, there are probably many more who either just threw the old unit out and purchased another one, or they don't use the internet features and so the don't care. My unit is just over a year old and I am not paying Samsung a consulting fee to try and resolve this issue. I will simply go to a competitor next time I buy any electronic product. BTW, I own a Samsung LCD TV, a set of Samsung washer and dryer. In my book, if anything goes wrong with those, then I can only assume that Samsung is in the business of quick turn around. That's bad for business in the long run. As for "class action" anything, I am still exploring my options.
Enraged Former Samsung Customer