newest victim

by zencapri - 11/28/11 9:45 AM

In Reply to: Glad I found this by Dukatt911

We bought a Samsung plasma tv with an extended 2 year warranty from a Best Buy on 2/7/11. About 4 months later we had a green line appear and Geeksquad came and fixed it but left a couple of screws out the back we later noticed. Right after that a thick white line started showing up where the green line was but it went away so we cancelled another repair. On 11/11/11 there was a thin black line going across the bottom and then it cracked right where the black line was and the picture went black and only the sound worked.We called Geeksquad and they wouldn't fix it because they said it was physical damage, basically calling us liars and told us to call Samsung. Samsung told us to send pictures and when they got back to us said it was physical damage as well. This is ridiculous since we didn't touch the tv how could it be physical damage. There isn't even a scratch on the outside of the glass, it's perfectly smooth.Samsung finally offered to pay for the parts if we pay for the labor and this is unacceptable since it's under warranty and we did not damage the tv we should not have to pay anything. We looked up consumer reports and found this site and have been in shock over this. We filed complaints to BBB, FTC and New Jersey Attorney General. Everyone is right about the BBB being a waste of time so I guess we'll wait to see what happens with attorney gereral. I would have never thought this would even be an issue with a name like Samsung. We are just so sick over this!!