Same problems, somewhat fixed now

I was having the exact same trouble as all the others. Internet@tv was trying to update and would get stuck on installing. Firmware 1024 didn't help. I haven't had time to mess with it until this holiday weekend. I found this forum and was reading the posts which the resets didn't help mine either. I had gone through all the same steps mentioned and finally on one of the resets the interface came up and showed the app name before going into the eternal black screen installing. This clued me in that the app downloading/installing was the problem not the firmware. I rebooted again this time with the Internet unplugged. Picked Internet@TV and it went to the black screen again but this time it said starting instead of installing. I left it but when I came back 5+ minutes it had come up in the interface since it couldn't get to the Internet to download and then hang on the install. I was then able to go to the Internet@tv setting, app manager and delete the app that seemed to be hung (on mine it was hanging on Ravi tv listings). I am not sure it was the real problem or just the first in the updates, etc. I also don't use it nor do I think I loaded it maybe it is a default app? Never the less I deleted all the apps I don't use. I exited, plugged in the internet and I was able to get in to internet@tv again but then even though I had deleted them it reloaded the apps but was updating fine. When I restarted I was back to the old problem. This time I unplugged deleted and used the reset stop button trick before picking Internet@tv which cleared the system so it didn't try and reload. There are certainly others ways to do this but in general it seems that if you unplug the Internet you can get into the interface and delete the apps that can't update, then do a reset to clear them before picking the Internet@tv.
So it appears Samsung firmware isn't the direct issue for mine. They did the firmware update but on mine it is some app (possibly one the default) that is the problem which must not like the firmware update.

Give it a try, this just happens to be what fixed mine and I post just 'as is' because it was very frustrating like the others explained not to be able to use the Internet features after the firmware upgrade.