Flashing, flickering, strobing...

by samav - 11/17/11 12:17 PM

In Reply to: Same Issue by kpterry

I own a LN46C630 which this week exhibited the same symptoms described by numerous participants in this forum. After arming myself with the necessary info (thanks to this forum), I contacted customer service and was successful in getting them to extend my warranty so that the repair cost would be covered. It did take however some convincing, the first customer service agent although polite and professional said that I would have to incur the cost of repair because the warranty had expired. I insisted that this problem is well documented throughout numerous postings and Samsung should have a policy in place to recognize that this is an endemic problem and it should be the responsibility of Samsung to provide a solution at no cost. To the customer agents credit, rather then sticking to the classic mantra of "sorry but I can't help you" she transferred me to an executive customer agent after providing me with a transaction #. The second agent was more up to date with the problem and within a few minutes confirmed that my warranty would be extended and that I should be expecting a call from a service tech soon. To those with this problem there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not flickering!