Re: Class Action Lawsuit should be filed: RE: BD C5500

Cnet4real -

I did read them. I also posted in many threads that if a reset doesn't fix an issue you're having, there's not much I can do on the forums, since many other people report back in other threads that resetting the player DOES solve some issues. In this case, the unit may require service. But if a reset fixes it, then you're on your way. If not, then I've done everything I can on a public forum.

You drew the line on the ground with mentions of legal action. Please don't be angry with me that I'm staying on my side of the line. I'm trying to help despite the fact that such a statement issued with ANY company usually stops every form of communication until you follow up with what you say you want to do.

If you're waiting for a call, call them back and see what they can do. We also have a "Service Issues" thread here on top of Page 1 of the Samsung forum that allow you to escalate problems if the regular service channel didn't meet your needs.

Here's the link:;threadListing

This route usually gets you a quick answer.