Re: Class Action Lawsuit should be filed: RE: BD C5500

by Cnet4real - 11/14/11 1:09 PM

In Reply to: RE: BD C5500 Firmware by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

Samsung HD Tech,
It appears you are not reading the post related to this issue. Thanks for acknowledging you were wrong about confusing this with a TV issue however if you took time to read the other customer remarks in the issues above you would notice that holding the stop button down until the unit resets DOES NOT SOLVE THE ISSUE.

It appears there has been another firmware release today, ver 1024 which I downloaded from the samsung support site onto a USB drive (to eliminate any possible issues from an internet download). The update installed however I am still having the same issue, Apps are missing in the top half of the screen and when clicking on @internet icon lower left it proceeds to download/install for a while (varies) sometimes a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes. However it ultimately returns to the main menu with no apps installed. I even tried a hard reset after the new firm ware was installed.

So not sure what firmware ver 1024 fixes but it doesn't fix this problem. Maybe it prevents this problem from happening to other customers when trying to update their devices? Hopefully they will honor replacing devices out of warranty that they are responsible for damaging with a bad firmware 1023 release.

I am still waiting for a callback from Samsung support