Same EXACT problem; Very Angry with Samsung

BD-C5500 owner here. Unit worked great until the most recent firmware update, now it is stuck at "downloading" and cannot access Internet@TV. Holding stop for 15 seconds resets the unit, but has no effect on the problem. Samsung obviously made a mistake with this firmware, but they refuse to acknowledge that it is their fault. I called them and the agent said that the only way to have it fixed is for me to PAY!!! If I take my car to an auto mechanic to change the oil and he breaks the windshield, the mechanic is liable. But if Samsung wrecks my device with a routine firmware upgrade, somehow that's my problem?!

Samsung, why won't you just acknowledge your responsibility and release a new firmware?

On a side note, this is the second samsung device to go bad this month (a sound bar died only 3 months out of warranty, which is amazing for a piece of electronics with no moving parts that is only used 2-3 times per month). Obviously I will never be purchasing a Samsung product again, but it would be nice to see them fix this mistake instead of ignoring it and trying to fleece its customers for more money.