same problem

by savard23 - 7/4/11 12:04 AM

In Reply to: same problem by aghribi

Hi, I am having the same problem with a diffrent model... BD-C6900... I have been using Netflix daily for the past 11 month... no issue.... did the firmware ugrade, like I normally do and then Internet@TV is causing problem.... Netflix said Not connected to the Internet, Viaway the same... Daily motion and Youtube work, I able to download apps... When I go to the setting inside Internet@TV, at first the menu look ok but when I get to the third option down the display start to look funny... the corresponding text to that option stay on the screen and when I select another option then the text of that option come on top of the other text and it continue like that from that moment... I have to exit Internet@TV to gain back control.
I have not called yet for customer service but will do it soon.... My current firmware is BSP-C6900WWB-1020.4 (the problematic one) From I see in this thread all the problem is with firmwares with the number 1020 in it...