Has anyone else tried Allshare instead of PC Share Manager

by michael.kenward - 7/3/11 4:38 AM

In Reply to: A year on and no progress? by michael.kenward

I landed here after trying to work out how to get my BD-C6500 Blu-ray player (bought at a staggering price from John Lewis) to work with files from my PC network.

As the subject of this discussion says Samsung PC Share Manager 4.2 is "totally useless".

After sniffing around unsuccessfully in a search for older versions, I eventually landed on the Samsung Allshare Download Page. This seems to be a replacement for PC Share Manager for more recent hardware.

As the manual for my player specifically refers to Allshare, I thought that I would try this. It installs OK and throws up none of the server errors that many of us get with PC Share Manager.

I have yet to turn on the player to see if it connects, but this is a more promising start than I got with.

Allshare even comes with a Help file!