bd-c6900 blu ray drops netflix or locks up -when it connects

by xrcjdx - 9/3/10 2:21 PM

In Reply to: Definitely Samsung Issue by swgod98

bd-c6900 keeps losing the connection to netflix, or won't connect to netflix, or constantly buffers then loses connection, or locks up and nothing will cure the lock but a hard reset. samsung said newest firmware would solve the problem, but it didn't. comcast tested my connection and said over 10 mb was passing through the router. netgear said router was working flawlessly. netflix said signal was coming through top notch and wasn't an issue on their end. in fact, hd available movies were being streamed through at hd quality. i was able to watch a vudu movie stream through in hd with no problems, start to finish.
this is a big disappointment, and from all i've read looks like a samsung issue with netflix. or is it a netflix issue with samsung? for what its worth netflix said the occasional solid lock points to a problem with the samsung. seems like samsung should have fixed this by now. i wish i'd read the forums first before buying. but for this issue - and unfortunately it is a major one that might cause me to return the machine - i am happy with the samsung. luckily i have a little bit of time before i am forced to pull the trigger and make the return. but back it will go. any further information or fixes you can let me know about would be appreciated.