Samsung channel file scm editor - SamYGo

Forum Members,

I can't agree with referring people to SamyGo posts on this site.

From the Forum Mod's own "disclaimer":

Before you attempt any changes on your TV, please consider that:

- all information provided in this forum and WIKI is for informational purposes only and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
- even the smallest mistake is likely to turn your shiny device into a useless but expensive BRICK
- modifying the Firmware on your device will definitely VOID YOUR WARRANTY
- you accept that you do everything at YOUR OWN RISK

(HDTech: The emphasis and capitalization is theirs, verbatim.)

None of the admins, moderators nor the authors of articles take responsibility for possible damages on your devices!

If SamyGo's stance includes looking the other way concerning responsibility for television set repairs or "bricks" if or when they happen, then I'm going to agree that people shouldn't go there for anything other than informational purposes.

You certainly have the freedom to support who you like, and I'm not asking you to stop. I'm a fan of freedom of speech, and I'm a fan of people getting the most out of their technology.

However, I'll be posting their disclaimer when I see SamyGo mentioned moving forward. While SamyGo has no responsibility to fix a broken television, we do have a degree of responsibility to our customers that comes out of pocket when unauthorized patches cause unnecessary expenses while we attempt to satisfy those who committed the sin of ignoring warnings. Or worse, hurting the Samsung brand by rightfully denying a botched patch installation repair, only to be accused of "we don't care about our customers" when Samsung stands behind the decision to not cover the repair caused by an unauthorized hack that even the authors and/or hosts of the hack warned people about.

Not to stifle anyone's good time, but so that we're clear that if things go wrong, you're agreeing that you knowingly took the risk.