Future Widgets

by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff - 4/15/10 1:20 AM

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Thanks for your kind words.

The speculation on Blockbuster isn't one I can comment on. I do know that their widget is an opportunity to reach a new marketplace that they haven't been before, so I can't speculate any better than "the financial experts".

Sometimes I'm lucky to keep up with what my own company is doing on a global scale. There's a lot going on! happy

Netflix isn't a widget for the 2009 TV products, and realistically, probably won't be. I realize that this is unpopular, but like any other industry, new features aren't always available for legacy models.

It's also prudent for a company to consider that some innovations may be perceived negatively that - in a sense - customers can punish a company for making a great product one year that is leaps and bounds better than the product last year, and souring the customer base who purchased the year before. That's the cost of being innovative. Our competitors, I would imagine, would not go back the year prior to make last year's products exactly like this year's product based on their innovations either.

I often note that my car manufacturer started putting in mp3 input ports in the stock radio the year AFTER I bought my vehicle, and I'd use that feature every time I started the car - I really would. I actually asked my dealer if I could get a radio upgrade so I could have an mp3 port, and was given a similar response as I'm giving here. I've been on both sides, so I hope you can see I appreciate what you're saying. I have suggested this several times, but there is no action taken, and my answer here isn't likely going to please our 2009 customers who want Netflix.

We have implemented Netflix in 2009 and 2010 Blu-Ray players, and we were the first to offer the Netflix widget to stream on a Blu-Ray player. I can't speak on our agreements or discussions with Netflix in that aspect. But what I can say is that the feature itself is available in a relatively low cost solution for those who really really want Netflix on our Blu-Ray players that, I think, are very competitive.

I hope that, despite disappointment, that people understand the point of view I've presented, and hopefully that helps ease the sting for those who would be disappointed. But I feel that it merits a straighforward answer, and that's what I try to do here.

I'll be happy to add your voice to the mix.