Awesome, but dissapointing in the way it was handled

by dlarusso - 2/25/10 12:31 PM

In Reply to: UN55B8500 REcontinued??? by edgeofbladeLR

Thanks for flagging this, I too bought it, then found out it was "discontinued," then was told by Samsung it was a "short-run series" and that "a new series were coming any day now" and told all kinds of crazy things (directly by Samsung) -- when in reality just hearing that it was part of litigation would have made me feel far more comfortable and wouldn't have put them at any risk.

Oh well, good news overall I suppose and I'm hoping a bit more transparency will be shown by Samsung to their customers (yes, I know full-on that they can't and wont disclose all the details, but sending mixed messages to customers definitely won't serve them well.)

Thanks again for catching this!